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Lexus is an American car company that appears in Gran Turismo. They are the luxury motors division of Japanese manufacturer, Toyota.

Car ListEdit


GS300 '91

GS300 '00

GS300 Vertex Edition (J) '00

IS200 '98

IS200 (J) '98

IS200 GT-1 Race Car '04

IS300 Sport Cross '01

SC300 '97

SC430 (EU) '01

SC430 (US) '01


Premium CarsEdit

Bandai Direzza SC430 (Super GT) '06

Denso Dunlop Sard SC430 (Super GT) '08

Eneos SC430 (Super GT) '08

IS-F '07

IS-F RM '07

IS-F Racing Concept '08

LFA '10

Petronas Tom's SC430 (Super GT) '08

Weds Sport IS350 (Super GT) '08

Standard CarsEdit

all GT4 Lexuses

GT Concept: 2002 Tokyo-GenevaEdit

SC430 '01

IS300 Sport Cross '01


all GT4 Lexuses


IS-F '07

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